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[TXT]amd-direct-mount-linux244.diff2001-04-29 12:33 1.6K 
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[TXT]amd-direct-mount-linux2219.diff2001-04-28 20:50 2.8K 
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[   ]linux-2.2.20+hlfsd.diff2002-01-21 10:32 611  
[   ]linux-2.4.18-pre4+NFS_ALL+hlfsd.diff2002-01-21 10:32 1.2K 
[   ]linux-2.4.18-pre4+hlfsd.diff2002-01-21 10:32 1.1K 

Various patches

Patches for the Linux kernel:

linux-2.4.18-pre4+NFS_ALL+hlfsd.diff: NFS client-side attribute cache fix against 2.4.18-pre4 plus Trond's NFS_ALL patch from 1/19/2002. This patch prevents the kernel from caching hlfsd's symlink between different users; the NFS bug it fixed had a one-jiffy window open where it could cache attributes and reuse them, even with "noac" set.

amd-direct-mount-linux2219.diff: This patch solves two problems in the Linux kernel v2.2.19 when Amd direct mounts are used:

amd-direct-mount-linux244.diff: This patch has identical functionality to the one above, but is for the Linux kernel v2.4.4.